terça-feira, 14 de setembro de 2010

DA intern. digital art festival Sofia - Bulgária

Sassu , Scordo) is present:


De 13 a 17 de setembro de 2010

DA FEST 2010 start
The second edition of the international digital art festival, organized by the National Academy of Art in Sofia start on Monday, September 13th. More than 30 artists are coming to present new trends, digital experiments, sound and visual performances, interactive installations and many oth... More
Extended deadline for DA FEST workshops
The application deadline for workshop participants DA Fest 2010 extended to 5 September 2010.
We received several requests to prolong enrollment for the workshops because people were still on holidays. so we've decided to move the deadline to Sep 5.Students and profess... More

Call for applications workshop participants DA Fest 2010
International Digital Arts Festival DA Fest is opening a call for participants for three workshops during the 2010 festival.Students and professional young artists can apply for the following workshops:Express Fight Club, led by Max Schumacher an... More
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Exhibition Performances Workshops Film screening programme Presentations

Film screening programme

Aaron Nemec (USA) Vocalists, 4:36
Alecu Adrian (RO/NL) Antonio saluta stelele, 3:55
Alysse Stepanian (USA) Roghieh, 5:30
Anton Hecht (UK) 5 instruments 40 players, 4:00
Benjamin Rosenthal (USA) Loops & Bonds, 7:00
Bill Domonkos (USA) The Poppy, 8:34
Bryan Lauch and Petra Pokos (Slovenia) Seven Shorts, 8:44
Carina Nyberg (SE) Together: Valla Square, 1:40
Christin Bolewski (DE) Mountain-water-painting, 6:12
Claudia Mateus (Portugal) Flashing Time, 1:44
Claudia Mateus (Portugal) Stillness in Motion, 5:00
Daniel Iván (México) Emptiness, 6:19
Doug Williams (USA) Back and Forth, 2:42
Eva Olsson (Sweden) The Factory, 2:13
Eva Olsson (Sweden) The Last Dance, 1:25
Gerard Freixes Ribera (Spain) Alone, 3:00
Giada Ghiringhelli (CH/UK) Metaphysics of locomotion, 4:35
Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy) This is art, 0:30
Guest video-screening programme: Contemporary South Africa
Günter Puller (AT) Yellow Pages, 1:52
Iana Krachunova (BG) Itau, 2:58
Isobel Blank (Italy) Self-portrait, 2:54
Ivana Stojakovic (Serbia) 3 x 3, 6:00
James Snazell (UK) Scape, 7:22
João Raposo (Portugal) Drawing in the forest, 5:00
Jonas Nilsson (Sweden) Self-muser, 1:36
Jorge Garcia (Spain) The Beast, 5:20
Kika Nicolela (Brazil) Desesmetak02, 2:52
Kika Nicolela (Brazil) Flickering, 2:43
KIM Young Sil (France) Contemporary Refrigerator, 3:13
Kimmo Alakunnas (Finland) Mus Musculus, 5:23
Lemeh42 (Italy) Inner sound, 10:00
Maria Niro (USA) Glitch Telemetry, 2:37
Martin Messier (CA) Autoportraits: Con Amore: 3:34
Martin Messier (CA) Autoportraits: Con Fuoco, 4:00
Melanie Beisswenger (Australia) Follow Me,1:30
Melissa Doran (Ireland) Sleep in a Room, Dream in a Landscape, 4:46
Michal Ronen (Israel) In Aporia, 3:35
Miglena Minkova (BG/UK) Experimental Typography: ABS Square, Circle and Triangle, 4:29
Milan Zulic (Serbia) White dance, 8:00
Muriel Montini (France) The children's games, 9:00
Nat Wilms (Italy) Within the traces, 6:38
Nelly-Eve Rajotte (Canada) Rivi, 2:18
Nhieu Do (USA) Dimensionalization, 6:31
Oliver Wicke (DE) Tesla, 2:40
Pascal Fendrich&Bernd Härpfer (DE) Crude Carrier, 6:31
Patrick Bergeron (Canada) LoopLoop, 5:00
Paul Glennon (UK) Time Fragments, 3:09
Robin Dupuis (CA) Anoxi/la syntese, 6:33
Said Dokins & Mauricio Rodríguez (México) Re-birth, 1:31
Sally Grizzell Larson (USA) The Aria, 4:30
Sarah Buckius (USA) Impossible kinetic sculptures for the home 1:48
Sarah Buckius (USA) Stacking...stacking...stacking... 7:28
Sergio San Martin (Spain) Unsafe at any speed, 3:09
Signe Lillemark (Romania) Тhe Walk, 3:24
Tina Willgren (SE) Vehicles, 2:36
UBERMORGEN.COM (AT/CH/USA) WOPPOW - crash color bullet chic - models penetrated by bullets!, 4:36
Viktor Takáč (Czech) Are you telling me the future continues in the past? 03:22
Мichael Кrüger (DE) OpVern, 2:26

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