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gianni sutera, italian artist

FOR Artintern, sede
Gianni Sutera is a writer, poet, photographer, painter and sculptor. Always interested in everything that is art, expresses
himself through many and diverse forms.

His characteristic is to range from poetry to the narration and to the artistic photography reportage and to various
forms of art such as aquarelle, oil, acrylic, china, pencil, sculpture, virtual art.

Gianni Sutera took part in various artistic manifestations obtaining important awards. We can cite in recent years:
Manifesta 7 in Trentino-Alto Adige 2008, The European Exhibition of Modern Art; Biennale 3000, Sao Paulo, Brazil;
Muestra Virtual, Argentina; Watermarks Exhibition; HeadSpace Exhibition, England. He has taken part in several personal
and collective exhibitions in the most important national Art Galleries in Cremona, Milan, Bologna, Padua …
Many of his artistic photos have been published in art magazines together with collections of pictures in black-and-white,
reportage and literary creations.
The growing interest around the work of Gianni Sutera is also evidenced by acquisition of his artistic works
in the United States of America, and by private and multinational companies in Italy.


Critical Presentation


In Gianni Sutera’s paintings, there seems tangible a delicate deconstruction of the forms and an immediate
recomposition of pictorial fragments, confirming innovative formal prerogatives of a clear cubism inspiration.
The female figures generate an essential duo between the subject and the substrate, and so, succeed to
outstrip any idealistic perspective in order to reinvent a conceptual universe of fascinating expressive values.

Sometimes, the canvas is deliberately cut and curved, proving an executive pursuit that goes beyond the material
substrate breaching a way over the known dimensions.
On the canvas appear poly objects that enhance the artist’s profound search of a new chromatic composition.

Prof. Arch. Gianluigi Guarneri



The artist Gianni Sutera experiences the art of painting in several directions by making his own stylistic personality.
With an independent aspect of language, the artist always has an emotional vision in which the figures are not
depicted in detail, but come alongside harmoniously.
Sutera’s theme is focused on the psychology of the human life, the faces and bodies mentioned above form the context
in which his painting unfold.
The voids that surround his figures, animated by chromatic rhythms and expressed into absolute freedom and lightness are made
with bright, pure colors that annihilate space, highlighting the theme.
A chromatic and bright research where the freedom of the graphic representation becomes ever wider, his précised signs,
the quick brushstrokes give the artistic speech an ironic humor.
A painting of sharp contrasts where every line and sign has its own importance and strength and where the images
are bare as the artist wants to offer figures that reveal absolute values.
His works are surrounded by a light that has a symbolic meaning and a précised representation that explores gestures and colors
in order to establish an emotional and intellectual communication.
Sutera's painting, while not having elements of an easy effect, shows his expressiveness by representing the moods and the feelings
that one can see in the everyday life.
His figures surround the space, enrich the signs giving them a role in drafting and outlining and thus creating a fluid continuity.
Sutera Gianni becomes the creator of a painting seen in a dramatic dimension; he abandons the melancholy articulating his creativity flowing to the primitive and modern contexts.


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